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Protect yourself from Government spending and Wall Street speculation with precious metals today.

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We understand the precious metals markets and are dedicated to helping you diversify your retirement savings and protect them from inflation, geopolitical risks, recessions, and government control.  Think of us as part of your team. Give us a call today – we’re here to assist you.

Secure Your Financial Future with a Precious Metals IRA 
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Western Gold Capital Has Been Helping Patriots Invest In Precious Metals For More Than Two Decades. We Have A Gold And Silver Division That Incorporates Core Leaders And Veterans In The Precious Metals Industry.

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A true partner that provides quarterly updates

When you sign up with us, you get a valuable precious metals ally. We stand apart from the crowd. You won’t encounter high-pressure salespeople here. Our team’s mission is to help you maximize the value of your investment and secure it for the long term with precious metals. Call us today.

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Access to the Most Affordable Bullion Nationwide

Our pricing is wholesale, typically 3-5% below the retail online prices. You keep that extra money in your account.

Enjoy a Lifetime of Fee-Free Qualifying IRAs

We provide a fee-free IRA account for life, ensuring our clients never have to cover storage, shipping, or custodial fees with their IRA. Every day, we help individuals save thousands in fees alone.

Your Trusted Partner Every Step of the Way

We will be your partner from the beginning to the end. We’ll guide you through all the required paperwork to ensure that this transaction is a tax-free and penalty-free switch.
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I’ve wanted to move my IRA out of the stock market for a while…and I finally found the right company to move it into gold and silver with. Walter answered every single question I had and their IRA manager made the transfer process so easy. Thanks to everyone that helped me out.

Elaine Smithers

Highly Experienced Team

With Western Gold Capital you’ll always work directly with highly experienced team members. We are a group of leading industry professionals with a wealth of experience, we’ve held senior positions at the largest retail precious metals firms in the U.S. We eliminate multiple layers of executive and shareholder compensation and work directly with you to secure the most competitive pricing on gold and silver.

We Stake Our Reputation on Integrity and Reliability

Customer service, honesty, and trust are some of our core values. We have not received a single complaint. This is a testament to our commitment to provide excellent customer service and high-quality products.

We stake our reputation on honesty and transparency. When you work with Western Gold Capital, you can rest assured that your precious metals IRA is in safe hands.

Looking to invest in hard assets?

The Precious Metals Market: A Time-Tested Investment. Did you know that this asset class has a history spanning over 2500 years? This market offers both stability and diversity, making it one of the most secure options for investors. It possesses the unique qualities of

Why choose us?

If you’re looking to invest your life savings in a fixed deposit or life insurance just to keep it ‘safe’, then I’ve got news for you.

Money loses its value over time so it’s important to have a growth rate to protect yourself from the effects of inflation.That’s why we help people like you invest in a better and inflation-free future.

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IRA Metals

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U.S. Mint
Silver American
U.S. Mint
Gold Canadian
Buffalo 2021
Royal Canadian Mint
Silver Canadian
Buffalo 2021
Royal Canadian Mint
Gold American
U.S. Mint
Silver American
U.S. Mint
Gold Bar
Silver Bar

Want to protect your financial future?

“Gold is God’s Money and is mentioned more than 400 times in the Bible and is prized for its value, purity, and reliability.”

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is very easy! You simply open a self-directed account with us, initiate a transfer, and then receive the precious metals. Our team will help you through the entire process. Click to learn more below.

What Precious Metals Are Available?

The IRS has specific guidelines for what metals are eligible to be held in an IRA. Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. Gold and Silver and the most common precious metals held. Click below to learn about the various options you have.
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